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MiSOK takes pride in bringing you the most reliable email service possible. In this endeavor it is possible that our users may have questions about email being rejected that is considered to contain spam, viruses, or even because the sender is on a 'spammer' list. This page has been put in place to describe exactly how we determine if an email gets to your mailbox or is sent back to the recipient to be sent again.  


October 2007 -  E-Mail server upgrades

Q: What is the upgrade supposed to do?

A: Slow down the SPAM we are currently being hammered with!

Q: How does it effect me?

A: If you are using MAIL.MISOK.COM as your incoming POP or outgoing SMTP server,  you need to change to MAIL.YOURDOMAIN.COM likewise if you are using the COMAgent for your e-mail you will need to change the IP to or use the name mail3.misok.com as your e-mail server

If you cannot make these changes or just need clarification call our office at 918.234.9991 and we will walk you through it...


 Below you will find a FAQ explaining some of the most common reasons why mail may show up as undeliverable or fail to send.  We welcome any questions about your email account if this page does not answer your questions. Feel free to contact us at postmaster@misok.com or phone us 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri (918)234-9991

SBC Email problem Can't send outgoing email through my Domain...

If you are having issues with Southwestern Bell DSL sending EMAIL via SMTP mail.yourdomain.com or mail3.misok.com you must opt. out port 25 blocking.  You can login to the http://help.sbcglobal.net/servabuse.php and make sure you select Abuse Type= "Opt Out Port 25" and fill out all other fields.  We are told to expect 12 hours turn around on these request....  I have been getting mixed results from people who are attempting to Opt-Out.  It has been reported that best results come when you follow-up your request with a phone call to 1-877-SBC-DSL5.

SBC will attempt to have you setup outgoing mail via their server,  this will work so long as you don't attempt to send an email to yourself or anyone on a MISOK server.  The problem is our mail server sees someone attempting to send an E-mail through the server claiming to be from yourdomain.com but actually coming from sbcglobal.net .  This causes the SPAM filter to reject the email as spam.  This is not an adequate solution and would force MISOK  to allow spam from all of SBC just to allow you to send yourself an E-mail. "Not Cool"

I suggest if SBC won't Opt-Out port 25 you purchase COX "Business Internet" product for it does not block port 25.  Cox residential product however does block port 25.   If you are a MISOK email user I suggest using the Webmail solution which is http://mail.yourdomain.com  it is versatile and works from any ISP connection.  If you install the Comagent , found in the Options section of the Webmail, you can utilize Webmail as your primary mail client  be notified of new e-mail, server updates , chat,  Instant message etc....   "Cool"

Cox Email Can't send outgoing email Click Here

What does Misok consider spam?

 We consider spam as unsolicited electronic mail sent in bulk. Others believe "bulkness" is irrelevant, it's merely a matter of whether the message sent was solicited. Still others debate the importance of whether the message was commercial in nature. People like us collect lists of these spammers and add them to our blacklist database. If you believe you or someone you are attempting to receive mail from is on our spam list please contact us and include their email address information.

What kind of attachments are disallowed?

 Attachments that will be rejected both incoming and outgoing from your mailbox include: *.scr, *.bat, *.pif, *.js, *.jar, *.exe, *.com, *.hta, *.xml, *.cmd, *.rar, *.vbs, *.lnk. If you wish to send files of this type the best way is to compress the file in a .zip format. This is to counter the many 'bad things' that can happen on your computer without your consent when receiving your email from our server. Rarely will you receive a virus in an email as we keep an updated list of all known viruses and attempt to filter them before they even reach your mailbox. The filtering of attachments is vital in this effort and the zip file ensures that you truly wish to open the attachment you received. Zip files are also easily scanned before opening as well by using  a right click and "scan now" feature of your anti-virus software. This is highly recommended, especially when receiving a mail from an unknown recipient.

My email was rejected because of "known spam in the header", why?

 Certain keywords are used in the subject line of email that can be filtered out to avoid receiving unsolicited mail. These keywords are simple and defined, we are certain to not filter such phrases as "Dear mom", "How are you"....etc. This method can also be used to detect and remove malicious virus code that has been embedded in an html email. If you receive this message when attempting to send/ receive email please let us know the time and address of the email we will have a log of it.

I can't send email on my dialup connection.

 If you are able to receive email, but cannot send email out, your current ISP provider probably is blocking port 25.  The ISP's that block port 25 require their SMTP server to be used instead of the SMTP server that we provided you with (mail.yourdomain.com).  For example, if you are using MSN, they require you to use smtp.email.msn.com instead of mail.yourdomain.com.

MiSOK EMAIL conversion FAQ v1.0

 Misok is in the process of upgrading our email server to one with many high tech features including HTML front end, SPAM blocking, Virus Blocking etc...   Over the next month your domain will be switched and some minor changes will need to be done to your email client.   We have outlined them in the following document. 

Q. What is the simplest way for me to get my email right now?

A. Browse to http://mail.yourdomain.com and login using your email address password. You can read your email from anywhere in the world with a simple web browser.

Q. What changes need to be made for Outlook,  Outlook Express and other POP clients to work.

A. Change the following email settings if you have questions call 918.695.2981

First close your email client!

Disable your antivirus email checking!

Open your Email client  go to TOOLS / ACCOUNTS or TOOLS / SERVICES whichever you have.  

Open the SERVER tab and change the SMTP to MAIL.YOURDOMAIN.COM (YOURDOMAIN.COM Example: misok.com) Change the POP to MAIL.YOURDOMAIN.COM as well. 

Note: If your email address is YOURNAME@MISOK.COM or .NET you use MAIL.MISOK.COM or .NET for both POP and SMTP servers.

Click the checkbox that says "My SMTP mail server requires Authentication"

Under the Logon Name section reset your username to EMAILADDRESS@MYDOMAIN.COM with the password = FIRSTINITIALLASTNAME

Click OK and close your email client saving all changes.

Re-Enable your Antivirus Program email scanning.

You are done!

Please call 918-243-9991 for more information and SLA or Maintenance agreement details.