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 COX Cable changes and how they will affect MiSOK Customers. 

Q; How will the changes in COX Cable affect my email settings?

A; If you utilize your own Domain name that is hosted by MiSOK you will only need to change your SMTP mail       server in your email client to SMTP.CENTRAL.COX.NET

If you are utilizing a HOME.COM email account you should change to your new COX.NET email account that should be USERNM@COX.NET and setup your Outgoing SMTP to SMTP.CENTRAL.COX.NET and your incoming POP to


Q; What about my Router I utilize a router for NAT so I can have some security against people having direct access into my PC how will COX changes affect my router settings?

A; Whenever your router stops working, " I wouldn't get excited until then!" , simply change the host name of your router to anything other than the one assigned "Example: cx-333222" use your last name or something.  Make sure your router is setup to DHCP address information and DNS from COX it would have already been setup with DHCP most likely but you should double check these settings.

If you are tired of dealing with forwarding and stuff like that setup your mail on http://mail.misok.com and get your mail from anywhere! 

If you have  further questions regarding COX or anything else call us at 918-234-9991 or email rmorris@misok.com  


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